Mai Khoi & The Dissidents

Mai Khoi & The Dissidents

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Film in the ‘Movies that Matter on Tour’ series, in cooperation with Amnesty International Wageningen.

As the daughter of a music teacher, Mai Khoi’s life was filled with music from birth. She became hugely popular with her breakthrough-song ‘Vietnam’, about the beauty of her home country. But more and more, Mai Khoi uses her position of stardom to speak out about a range of social issues such as women’s rights, LGBT rights and freedom of speech. Soon, the police start raiding her concerts, and the government bans her from performing.

Director Joe Piscatella (Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower) follows Mai Khoi during the recording of her album Dissent which, she says, ‘I know will make the government angry’. As her political activism heightens her international profile, she makes plans to leave the country before the album is released.

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