Mission Wolf: Experiment in Living

Mission Wolf: Experiment in Living

Special import screening, introduced by special guest Aster Wijsman who was on location. Q&A/discussion after the screening. Tickets for this unique event: € 5,-

Mission Wolf: Experiment in Living is the story of rescued wolves on wild lands in Colorado and the volunteers who keep them alive.

The stunningly beautiful hills near the Sangrede Cristo mountains are the home of a wolf refuge by the name of ‘Mission: Wolf`. It is an odd place: off the grid, snowed in in winter, run by an often-changing group of young people who strive to have a small footprint on the planet and to nurture themselves as they nurture the wolves. As Will, one of the volunteers, says, “You can be healed in whatever way you need to be.” However, it’s not always easy.

The film will appeal to everyone interested in how wilderness impacts people and people impact wilderness. It’s also deeply about wolves, what’s left of wildness in the West, and how an experiment in living impacts any of us who strive to leave mainstream urban life behind.