Welcome to Movie W

The fun and friendly arthouse cinema in the Wageningen area. You can buy tickets online or at the cinema and pay for them with a debit (PIN) card. We don’t take cash.

Please arrive on time, even if you have booked a ticket in advance. We close the door once the screening has started.

Book your tickets online for our special Movies & Meals screening every third Sunday in the month at 16:00 hrs.

Movie W has been showing extraordinary, noteworthy, groundbreaking films from all over the world since 1977, drawing a wide audience from Wageningen and beyond. We offer optimal movie-viewing: high-quality projection (large screen, latest digital technology) in a warm and inviting auditorium with 77 comfortable seats. In the foyer you can order drinks from our friendly team. We are located at Wilhelminaweg 3a.

Special film screenings

Besides our regular film programme, Movie W also screens specially chosen films jointly with cultural and civil society organisations and special interest groups. Based on a theme introduced by a speaker, the evening concludes with a Q&A or discussion session. The themes are diverse, ranging from art & culture, nature & environment, agriculture & food, to other social issues/developments. Of course, we also show film classics and sometimes we import films that cannot be seen anywhere else in the Netherlands.


Movie W is run by an enthusiastic group of about 60 volunteers. At the moment we don’t need any more volunteers, but if we do in the future, you can read that on this page.